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Sarah Oppenheimer

Sarah Oppenheimer is challenging the distinction between art and architecture with a unique collection of windows and wall openings. Using wall incisions and glass as her mediums, Oppenheimer blurs the line between room and painting. From 2012 to present, Oppenheimer’s work has been featured in the PPOW Gallery in New York City, as well as in Kunsthaus Baselland and Von Bartha Garage in Switzerland.


remash: kunsthaus bregenz | glass door ~ peter zumthor | eke miedaner photo via kazuya .i


Corner window without frame. At certain angles (looking from both inside and outside) glass connection is nearly invisible. It is due a mirror effect of glass. From outside it creates very modern look of facade. We make more and more windows with such glazing these days.

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Gallery of Connemara / Peter Legge Associates - 10

Connemara / Peter Legge Associates Connemara in Co Galway, Ireland has many wonderful examples of the juxtapostion of old with new, or like this with a respect for the tradtional venacular with use of the natural local stone in a studding contemporary house which sits well in the countrysde. R McN


Pinned for use of the rooflight - the quality of light it gives the space is interesting. The change of flooring also interesting.

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Details about Glass Staircase Parts - Glass Panels

Glass Staircase Parts - Glass Panels

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Two Stone Cottages Connected by a Glass Staircase

A combination of countryside cottage architecture with a contemporary twist, this stone home designed by Peter Legge Associates makes a great addition to the rolling grassy landscape here in Ireland. In fact, this is just what you might expect in this pastoral setting - a rustic style that draws on its surroundings for materials and flavor.