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Gladiator Online Game

Avoid any awkward silences and get your guests in a glorious mood with an array of games for them to play in the sun. From croquet, to sack races and giant Twister, there's something for everyone. And what's even better than that, you can hang on to them and whip them out the next day for a post-wedding soiree in the sun! Perfect.

from Kotaku

Oh, So The Phantom's Still Alive Then

I glare at the dragon and draw my sword. "All I need to do is kill it...." I mutter to myself. Simple, right? I'd never been good with killing things, but I was born into a family of hunters so this kind of thing is my life. I slowly set down my sword and try to get away, realizing I'm up against a wall. The beast opens it's mouth to burn it's prey to a crisp, when it falls and I see one of my siblings. "What are you doing here?" I snap. "I was alone." (Open rp)


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Ratchet & Clank through the years | I will always remember how he first looked like,and now plus the movie. What a change 。^‿^。