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Give Up Synonym

Having A Ball With Vocabulary - DIY Style

Write vocab words on the ball, as students toss the ball to each other around the room, whatever word their right thumb lands on (or closest to) is the word they must explain, define, or use in a sentence.


Trauma Seeking Feedback Loop 6 Synonyms: Resolution Block Feedback Loop. This is why therapy helps. We get to share our emotions in a safe contained space with someone we can get to trust and don't have to let them caged or bottled up. It gives us a safe outlet to talk about our pain, despair, stressors, etc. even when we are not ready to take action


How to Create Catchy Headlines

Creating Catchy Headlines (including 6 blog title templates to get the wheels turning) - Elle & Company


After a village is destroyed, soldiers turn up and think everyone has died, but see movement in the grasses. Presently, one makeshift white flag is raised. Slowly, heads begin popping up. The children all escaped.


Dialogue in story writing is often a very difficult task for young students to master. This poster gives some examples of correct useage and also offers a large vocabulary selection of alternatives to "said". Your students can liven up their creative writing greatly with this great reference poster.


I like this activity because it gives students a different way to remember their spelling words during a test. It also teaches them what parts of speech are called and makes them use their resources.


10 Games to Play with any Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary instruction is so critical is today's classroom! A vast vocabulary will help students to become better readers and writers. V...

This vocabulary game is a favorite of my students! Each week I post our vocabulary words on the editable strips included in this file on my pocket chart. I call two students up at time, hand them a (clean) flyswatter, and I give either a definition, an antonym, a synonym, or a sentence clue about the word.