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Girl Scout Daisy Vest

from Scouting Out Adventure

From Daisy Vest to Messenger Bag

Here's the best picture of the strap. I don't know how well the rhinestone buckle will hold up, or how well it will grip the strap as she carries it, but I wanted an adjustable strap and my Hobby Lobby was out of sliding buckles. Again, didn't want to put the project off lest it get shoved in the "someday" pile.

use her old girl scout Daisy vest to make a tote bag.for use as a Brownie SCOUT- That's totally a build a Bear in her case and it makes me happy... In fact I know it's the Cinnamon Bunny from 2009. How sad is that?


Gotta do this w my daisy troop! Now I'm hoping dollar tree still has t shirts! Wonder how they'd look on a 'daisy blue' shirt?


Daisy Tunic Bag: Don't know what to do with your Daisy's tunic once she bridges to Brownies? Upcycle the Daisy tunic into a bag!