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Teaching Your Daughter How to Handle Girl Drama - everything you need to know to survive the girl drama!


Girl Drama Bingo

help adolescent girls (5th-8th grade) learn how to better handle friendship drama. Topics include: *Causes of Girl Drama *Girl Drama in Action *Avoiding Girl Drama What’s included? • 14 different bingo cards • 35 different bingo calling cards (includes descriptions to help aid in group discussion) "">Drug Awareness Bingo</a> <a href="">Calm Down Bingo</a>


15 Things I Want my Daughters to Know about Being a Good Friend

Our middle school aged daughters can get caught up in some girl drama in friendships. Here are some things I want my girls to know about being a good friend.

Yup. Genuine relationships with strong, supportive women are greatly appreciated...they are just few and far between.


Your Child's Friendship Drama: Do's and Don'ts for Parents

Figuring out your child's social life can be confusing! Here are some do's and don'ts for parents who want to help their kids through friendship drama.


Relational Aggression: How to Spot Friendship Bullying

Great to keep my eyes open for when I'm teaching, especially in Junior High! Relational Aggression: How to Spot Friendship Bullying | The Helpful Counselor


Mean Girls: What Teachers CAN and SHOULD Be Doing To Stop Them