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Ginseng Plant

from Wild Ozark

5 Ways to Tell if You Can Grow American Ginseng in Your Backyard

5 ways to tell if you can grow ginseng in your backyard


ginseng root may only harvest 7 year old plants - see here how to know plant age


1.  Ginseng harvest season is from September 1st to December 31st annually. 2.  The ginseng plant must have at least 3 prongs (stems) to be harvested. 3. A ginseng collector/digger must have landowner permission to hunt and harvest on private and public lands. 4. Collectors/diggers must keep accurate harvest records by county and collection date. 5. Collectors/diggers must immediately plant the seeds from collected plants at the place where the plants were collected.


How to find Wild Ginseng plants and how to idendify them


10 Healing Herbs You Can Grow

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Wild Ginger (Asarum canadense) keeps its foliage throughout the season and does not go dormant, so it is a good species to plant among the spring ephemerals that do go dormant. Plant one foot apart to form a solid cover in two to three years.

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How to Grow Ginseng in the Garden

Find out how to grow ginseng. Growing ginseng requires patience and care, you can also grow it at home in containers.


Ginseng plants with berries


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Mandrake by Sandra Arteaga - I made some also for my HP party a couple of years ago. Big hit!