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A HUGE thanks to Netflix for adding all seven seasons of my favorite obsession: Gilmore Girls. I am not ashamed to admit I re-watched the entire series in a matter of weeks. I’m not alone. Since its placement on the streaming site, the name Gilmore has appeared on my social feeds numerous times. Sources ranging from friends to …


Watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Online | Netflix

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Community Post: 21 Items Every "Gilmore Girls" Fan Needs To Own

This a necklace I make and sell on, and it was featured on buzzfeed as a must-have Gilmore Girls fan item!!

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Richard Gilmore's Best 19 Quotes From "Gilmore Girls"

When he told Lorelai how inspiring she was for creating her own life in Stars Hollow. | Richard Gilmore's Best 19 Quotes From "Gilmore Girls" ❤️

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21 Reasons Your Mom Is The Best Friend Ever

They do. I can't read them right now.

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Gingerbread Cream Pie

You guys. My Gilmore Girls binging is coming to a's another show I can add to the archives of my brain, next to Friends, Friday Night Lights, Monk, Friends again and Dawson's Creek. Now, I'm left with all of my kids favorite Netflix shows to stream while I edit photos, do dishes, come up with new recipes, and grow another child. And as much as I love DinoTrux and Larva, I think I'd rather find another show to get sucked into. Tell me all your addicting shows. Share the love. Do it…

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Finals Week as Told by The Gilmore Girls

Finals Week as Told by The Gilmore Girls - The Odyssey Online

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