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7 Lesser-Known Serial Killers That Were WAY Worse Than Jack The Ripper

Gilles de Rais

1440- Gilles de Rais, a former compatriot of Joan of Arc & a highly ranked French aristocrat, is convicted of torturing & murdering dozens to hundreds of children. He engaged in his sickness partially in the belief that offering parts of corpses to a demon would help him reload a fortune spent on an elaborate chapel & theatrical production.


Gilles de Rais (a French nobleman 1404) is considered to be the precursor to the modern serial killer. Before he began his killing spree, he rode as a military captain in the army lead by St Joan of Arc – though it is unlikely that she knew him. He was accused and ultimately convicted of torturing, raping and murdering dozens, if not hundreds, of young children, mainly boys.


Gilles de Rais is historical vamp 3, who was a comrade in arms to the French warrior Joan of Arc. I'm still on the fence about whether or not this guy was a real vampire, but he was hanged for abusing and killing hundreds of children. Mwa ha ha...(The real boogie man)

La Barbe Blue. Bluebeard illustration by Beauge Bertall from Bluebeard - Origins of Fairy Tales from Around the World