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Gigapixel camera offers super sharp shots

#50000 #megapixels #camera developed by US university! A camera capable of creating images with "unprecedented detail" has been unveiled by US engineers. The prototype machine - dubbed AWARE2 - is capable of of taking pictures with resolutions of up 50 gigapixels, equivalent to 50,000 megapixels, according to the team from Duke University in North Carolina. It works by synchronizing 98 tiny cameras in a single device.


google begins digitizing renown paintings with ultra-high resolution gigapixel camera

A Gigapixel camera captured historic 360 degree views from Bristol Motor…

Awesome. The Staggering 3-Ton, 3.2 Gigapixel Camera

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US Army unveils 1.8 gigapixel camera helicopter drone

US Army unveils 1.8 GIGAPIXEL...with a "G" camera helicopter drone

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The Milky Way as you've never seen it before: New nine GIGAPIXEL image reveals our galaxy in unprecedented detail

Milky Way

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50-Gigapixel Camera Created Using 98 Microcameras

Una cámara experimental formada por 98 microsensores toma tres fotografías por minuto con altísima resolución

US Army's A160 Hummingbird Robo Drone Copter Gets 1.8 Gigapixel Camera - [Click on Image Or Source on Top to See Full News]