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Meet the Meguru, Japan's new electric rickshaw that is both compact and eco-friendly. Crafted in bamboo and paper, the three-wheeled Meguru is a joint venture of metalworking firm Yodogawa and blade maker Kinki Knives Industries. Its bamboo flooring compliments the folding fan doors, giving this electric vehicle the aesthetic quality that Japan is known for.


Didn’t someone say that all the world is a stage and men and women mere actors? Well, Tharula Concept Bike makes you feel like the entire world is one giant circus (which it is, if you pay attention) and we are all performers busy with our own unique acts. Borrowed from the Circus or not, the fact remains that Tharula Electric Bike concept is both unique in design and execution.


Anka Martin's bike tour packing list


AUSTRIAN MOTORCYCLE giant KTM has unveiled a new range of sports concept vehicles, which include a racing hydrofoil, an off-road buggy and an electric powered race ...

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Cargo bikes, built for the short haul

"DHL, the global parcel-delivery giant, recently hopped aboard. By replacing 33 trucks with 33 cargo bikes in the Netherlands, the company estimates it is saving about $575,000 annually and reducing carbon-dioxide emissions by 152 metric tonnes annually, the ECLF notes. Not to be outdone, rival UPS has begun testing its own electric-assisted pedal delivery bikes – in brown, of course – in a few European cities."


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