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Ghost Pepper Plants

Live Ghost Pepper Plants only $10.00 free shipping. One-hundred times hotter than a jalapeno pepper!

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List of Top 20 Hottest Peppers

List of Top 20 Hottest Peppers - Moruga peppers not included here are the hottest


"Cooking with Napalm" By Ernie S. Irwin Cooking With Napalm is 48, beautifully photographed, delicious recipes that prove that wildly spicy food can be flavorful and complex without having to be overwhelming. The recipes in the book use the world's hottest peppers, such as the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chili), several Habanero types, Devil's Tongue and others.

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Ghost Pepper Plant - Tips For Growing Ghost Peppers

Care Of Ghost Chili Peppers: How To Grow Ghost Pepper Plants

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How to Germinate Seeds From Dried Ghost Peppers

Harvesting and germinating your ghost pepper seeds.


CHILLI BONSAI! Any chilli can be trained into one of these in as little as 18 months.


Grow Your Own Ghost Pepper Chilli Plant Kit

Ghost Pepper Plant Kit. An amazing kit has all you need to grow your own Ghost Pepper chillies at home. The Bhut Jolokia, also known as Ghost Pepper has been around for many centuries and it is believed to have originated in Assam, India. The word Bhut, given from the Bhutias people, means ghost and was probably given the name because of the way the heat sneaks up on the one who eats it.


How I made Naga Bhut Jolokia (ghost chili) pepper honey.