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While you don't need everything, it is a good list to start from. Bug Out Back Checklist - Plus lists for Get Home Bag and Every Day Carry -


This organizer can hold a lot of useful gear. I set this one up for the following: to work as a stand alone EDC kit, to complete my Get Home Bag, or to provide redundancy for my Bug Out Bag.


Packing an EDC kit is a good way to keep important survival gear with you at all times; especially when using a larger Get Home Bag isn't an option.

from Geek Prepper

The Get Home Bag and its Contents

Your Get Home Bag Contents and few items from your Automobile EDC Supplies are what separates you from everyone else stuck on that stretch of road!

from Urban Survival Site

Urban Get Home Bag Checklist

from Your Own Home Store

Which Emergency Kit / Bag(s) do you REALLY need

If you are overwhelmed by all the information available on various emergency kits, this post is for you! Before you can start creating a "survival" kit for your family, you need to know which kit(s) you actually need. This post goes through 9 different kits including a 72 hour kit, bug out bag, emergency car kit, office bag, EDC, BOB and more!