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A representation of the Gestapo

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After 65 years in the shadows, the Indian heroine of Churchill's elite SOE spy network is to be recognised with a statue in London

Noor Inayat Khan, the British agent who ran a spy network in Paris. For ten months she was tortured by the Gestapo desperate for any information about SOE operations, but she stood firm and was eventually executed at Dachau concentration camp on September 13, 1944, aged just 30.


Kübler, Stella (or Stella Isaackson). geb. Goldschlag, called the “catcher”; Jewish collaborator (denounced underground Jews on behalf of the Gestapo during World War Two); 10.7.1922 – 1994. Trial in Berlin, 1957: Stella Kübler-Isaackson in the court room.

SS and Gestapo, 164 pages

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Polish priest who was oldest surviving prisoner at Dachau concentration camp dies aged 100

The oldest surviving inmate of the Dachau concentration camp died at the begining of April 2013, aged 100. Leon Stepniak, a Polish priest, was arrested by the Gestapo in 1940 in the village of Klebowiec.He spent the next five years in Dachau, a site in south-east Germany which was the first concentration camp to be opened by the Nazi goverment.


images of german officers uniforms | The Flickr Gestapo made me post this…

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The single Jew that Hitler wanted to save: Astonishing letter reveals how Führer ordered Gestapo to leave his WW1 commander alone

Ernst Hess, Adolf Hitler's company commander in WWI, who was, despite his Jewish roots, spared from the genocide unleashed by the Nazis


Violette Szabo. An SOE agent in occupied France, she regrouped a section of the French resistance on her first mission. Sadly she was captured on her second mission after running out of ammo in a gunfight. She was interrogated, tortured and executed at the age of 23. Her 4 year old daughter received Violette's posthumous George Cross the following year.