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These maps show where the oldest and youngest people live across the world

Newly compiled data from the CIA Factbook reveal which countries have the highest and lowest median ages

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209 - Beyond the Helvetian Desert: Ancient, Mysterious Germany

The source for this map of 2nd century Germania Magna (Greater Germany) is Ptolemaeus’ Geographia. The Geographia is a compilation of what was known of the world’s geography in the 2nd century AD. Although the knowledge of regions outside the Empire is sometimes quite sketchy, Ptolemy’s atlas (the original maps were lost, and reconstituted in later centuries based on the coordinates provided by Ptolemy for each locality) remained authoritative up until the age of Discovery.


There is a Fairy Tale Road in Germany, which, as it follows in the footsteps of the Brothers Grimm, leads to a castle filled world of fantasy, sagas, myths and legends, through forests, beautiful countryside and medieval villages.


The Nebra Sky Disc. Produced during the Bronze Age by metallurgists and astronomers from Cornish gold and tin which was traded across the sea to Europe, the Sky Disc is the world’s oldest astronomical map.


Germany and Berlin was divided into four zones of occupation, which later in 1949 formed the basis for the creation of two German states – the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic