Favorite German words, for example, Tollpatschig - " terrifically splatty”, which is, after all, exactly what a clumsy person is.

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Andere worte für schlecht, glücklich, nett, mögen, gut, traurig, lachen, hübsch. - learn German,words,synonyms,german,deutsch

This is my husband's favorite German word ever (admittedly, he has a limited German vocabulary, but it IS a fun word).

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I found a new word on the Facebook profile of a missionary writer, and it’s the best new word I’ve heard in a long time. It’s called fernweh, and it’s a German word that means “a longing for farawa…

What an endearing story about someone who loves the german language, plus: I love the animations that come along with the words the author likes :)

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Ah, brings back memories of Mrs. Oestereich's German class at Luther South. Most memorable quote, "You cannot speak proper German without a mouth full of spit."

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