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WW2 German Submarine pens Lorient Brittany France


Kapitänleutnant Herbert Kuppisch, commander of U-94 The U-94 sank between 1940 and August 1942 26 ships

1943 German POWs marine U-175 aboard the USCGC "Spencer" After receiving basic training in Stettin in Germany in the 4th U-boat Flotilla until 31 August 1942, he joined his battle fleet to the submarine base of Lorient in France in the 10th U-boat Flotilla.

First German U-boat near the Tower Bridge in 1918, when the German fleet surrendered to the English.


1943 United Kingdom, Scotland, Greenock, The POW crew of the German submarine U-643 on board a British destroyer On the left, the commander of U-643, Kapitänleutnant Hans SPEIDEL

1945 US POWs German officers of the U-805 on deck (May 15) USS Varian DE-798, captured during Operation Teardrop

WWII German U-boat submarine type VII C.


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FIRST WORLD WAR 1914 - 1918 WAR SEA (Q 20220) The crew of a German UC-1 class submarine on deck. Introduced in 1915, the submarines of this class were employed mainly on minelaying duties and carried up to twelve mines. German submarines sank 1,845,000 tons of Allied and neutral shipping between February and April 1917.