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Animal photos of the week: 21 February 2014

A three-legged Rescue German Shepherd Dog, Shadow. has been given a revolutionary new prosthetic paw after its fore leg was almost torn off in a trap

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Cute Animal Pics on

This is Hank. He is a sweet, rescued puppy who loves tons of cuddles. He might get a little tense around men because he was abused by one. Adopted.

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In pictures: Animals at war

And yet the bastard government decided the 4 legged ones are equipment when they retire. This is an incredibly profound shot. The bravery of the men and their dogs in service to our country.

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"What's people food and why can't I have some?" #dogs #pets #Black…

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Of all the creatures that walk the face of this earth, dogs have chosen us, and us alone, to share their lives with. May we prove worthy of such a gift.

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