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The Reichstag - Berlin, Germany. This is like one of the coolest things I've ever been in!!! A spiral staircase winds all the way to the top inside.


The glittery cone inside the Reichstag dome - Berlin, Germany. It's very impressive, but not worth joining the line. Book dinner and see it for the Reichstag restaurant, skip the line and see the roof for free.


A. Polyansky, "For the Motherland!" Soviet Union, 1941. Who were they fighting, and from what year to what year?


Prussia's expansion in the 18th & 19th c. was one of the big stories in European history, upsetting the previous balance of power & ultimately leading to German reunification under Prussian leadership but excluding Austria, with profound consequences for Germany, France, Poland & European Jewry (1871)


Prenzlauer Berg ~ sidewalk cafes, Berlin’s oldest beer garden, and fashion boutiques between restaurants and bars make the former working class district of Prenzlauer Berg, or Prenzl’berg, a great place to people-watch. After German reunification in 1990 Prenzlauer Berg became a center for Berlin's bohemian youth, while more recently it has experienced gentrification. It’s one of the most desirable places to live among artsy singles and young couples. #Berlin #Prenzlauer_Berg

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Why the fall of the Berlin Wall had an Affect on Me

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