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The Reichstag - Berlin, Germany. This is like one of the coolest things I've ever been in!!! A spiral staircase winds all the way to the top inside.

The glittery cone inside the Reichstag dome - Berlin, Germany. It's very impressive, but not worth joining the line. Book dinner and see it for the Reichstag restaurant, skip the line and see the roof for free.

Lydia Litvyak. One of two Russian pilots who were the world’s ONLY female fighting aces during World War II. She kicked Nazi butt.

German MIG-29 going ballistic. After the collapse of east Germany and subsequent reunification the west German air force inherited a squadron or two. Nice

Queen Anne of England (1665-1714) daughter of James II came to the throne following the death of her sister Mary II and her husband Willaim III. She is known as the last of the House of Stuart.