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Warm Bacon Potato Salad

Warm Bacon Potato Salad recipe from The Country Cook. It's similar to a German Potato Salad. Perfect for a picnic or BBQ since I don't have to worry about any mayo sitting out. I love the dressing on this!


If you like potato salad, or are tired of the same old thing, you should try German potato salad. It has a bite that normal potato salads ...


I'm officially running on fumes - I haven't been to sleep since Sunday night, and god knows why - I'm not suffering with insomnia or anything exciting, just didn't feel tired last night. Which mean...


Skillet German Potato Salad

This Skillet German Potato Salad is darn near the best potato recipe I have ever made. So savory and full of so much flavor.


German Potato Salad

If you are thinking about something ideal to go with your BBQ, fried chicken or hamburgers, German Potato Salad is something just perfect to think about.#salad #recipe