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A well-polished gem from the Middle Ages, Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Germany) is the main tourist stop along the Romantic Road. With its web of cobbled lanes, higgledy-piggledy houses and towered walls, the town is impossibly charming... Read more:


Princess Alice of the United Kingdom (daughter of Queen Victoria), in wedding dress, 1862. Her father, Prince Albert, had died less than a year before. The veil is the one her daughter, Alexandra, wore on her wedding day to Tsar Nicholas III. Just before Princess Alice's wedding she wore mourning black and right after the wedding she put back on the mourning black. Queen Victoria and some of Princess Alice's siblings cried during her wedding.


Quaint house in Bamberg, Germany with a bicycle out front and decorative flowers in the windowsills.© John Bragg Photography


St Bartholomew's gatehouse that leads to the oldest parish church in London - St Bartholomew-the-Great - was built in the sixteenth century and is where Queen Mary ate chicken and drank red wine while watching Protestant martyrs burn at the stake. It was only when a first World War German Zeppelin bomb in 1916 fell nearby that the tiles to this arch fell off to reveal this Elizabethan half timber fronted house built in 1597. Rear view of the Elizabethan gate house.


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