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Africa | "A Masai woman decorated with spirals and bracelets made of brass, iron and copper wire. Mount Meru, German East Africa." || Scanned postcard published by the Leipzig Mission.--Probably photographed by Emil Müller (1868-1940), a missionary of the Leipzig Mission #Tanzania #Tanazanian #Maasai


“African chiefs sentenced to death by the Germans...

"African chiefs sentenced to death by the Germans for their role in the Maji Maji rebellion" The Maji Maji Rebellion, lasting from 1905 to 1907, was an organized uprising initiated by several groups of African communities in the colonized territory of German East Africa against German colonial rule and German policy that forced them to grow cotton for export, profiting the German colonists. German colonial efforts in east Africa were initiated by the German Colonization Society (yes, they…


When the First World War started, Great Britain immediately attacked the German colonies in Africa, and conquered three of the four colonies in lightning campaigns. Only German East Africa (modern-day Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda) withstood the British attacks and held out for the duration of the war. The defence of German East African was organized by Colonel (later General) Lettow-Vorbeck. After the war Britain and France divided Germany's African empire between them.