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German dumplings

Classic German Bread Dumplings

Use up day-old buns and bread in these famous Southern German dumplings, and enjoy a versatile side dish with any savory meal – at Oktoberfest, and beyond! This is a great way to add some Bavarian flair to your menu. Find the recipe here:


Jägerspätzle: German Dumplings with Mushrooms

You don't need to travel to Munich to eat this traditional German dish called Jägerspätzle! This Bavarian classic is often served at the Oktoberfest and makes for a seriously exciting family dinner. They are small dumplings made from flour, eggs and milk. The sauce is a delicious rich Mushroom gravy, perfect for fall! My recipe was handed down to me by my Bavarian grandmother, so it's 100% authentic and tastes simply amazing.

Bavarian Dumplings – Bayerische Semmelknoedel

Bavarian Dumplings – Bayerische Semmelknoedel | German Food, the way you love it!


Day-Old Bread Gets New Life in German Bread Dumplings

Semmelknödel is a true, Bavarian comfort food from Germany. This German dumpling is easy to make and does not require planning ahead. Traditional German dumplings go well with gravies, cream sauces and soups.


YUMMY! German potato dumplings! ❤️ Like it! Share it! Pin it! Make it! Enjoy it!

Jägerspätzle: German Dumplings with Mushrooms


German Potato Dumplings: These dumplings are firm and creamy at the same time! This is a more interesting way to serve mashed potatoes and very easy to make!