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The German American Bund, or German American Federation, was an American Nazi organization established in 1936. "...the zenith of the Bund's activities was the rally at Madison Square Garden in New York City on February 20, 1939... which some 20,000 people attended.

Fritz Kuhn was a German-born, naturalized-American citizen who led the German American Bund prior to World War II . He supported Hitler and was an anti-semite. He was imprisoned during the war, his citizenship was revoked and after the war he was deported back to Germany.

German American Bund rally poster at Madison Square Garden, Feb 20, 1939.

American Bund The Failure of American Nazism: The German-American Bund’s Attempt to Create an American “Fifth Column” The Nazi Party in America was headed by Fritz Kuhn he organized a rally at Madison Square Garden with an attendance of 22,000. The article is worth reading and interesting!

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When Nazis held mass rallies in Madison Square Garden

When Nazis held mass rallies in Madison Square Garden May 17, 1934 A mass meeting of members of the Friends of New Germany.


Americans For Hitler. On the eve of World War II, the German American Bund insisted the Nazi salute was as American as apple pie.

Symbol of the German-American Bund.The German-American Bund was a nationwide organization of Americans founded in 1936 and led by Fritz Kuhn. The origins of the Bund began as early as 1924 as the 'Free Society of Teutonia' formed by National Socialist Fritz Gissibl after moving to Chicago, Illinois from Germany.

American Pro-Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden. New York, United States, February 20, 1939.