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So I got really mad looking at this picture because Charlie was one of my fella purity characters, and I think he should have been in the movies more. Speaking of favourite characters, Tonks and Lupin. They really didn't shine enough light on their love at ALL. And then there's Percy, they gave NO explanation to why he stopped showing up in the movies, and all of this just- nope- I- I can't-

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This is why I have no friends!!! Except for Hermione, Katniss, Percy, Harry, Annabeth, Finnick, Luna, Ginny, Fred, George, and Grover.

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I bet it was Ron's idea, and that they all had to push a reluctant Percy to do it. <3 :D

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haha can't you just imagine all of the Weasley boys competeing to be their nieces and nephews favorite uncle. Charlie showing off the dragons, Bill telling stories, Percy taking them behind the scenes at the ministry, George bringing them presents from the shop, and Ron telling them stories about the famous Harry Potter and how he couldn't have done it without their Uncle Ron!

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Pippa Middleton,Robert Wallace, Ted Innes-Ker, George Percy ... Pippa Middleton,Robert Wallace, Ted Innes-Ker, George Percy | George percy

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Pippa Middleton and George Percy Photos Photos: Pippa Middleton at the Madrid-Barajas Airport

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