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George Carlin - I try to curb the crazy, but this is true (sometimes).


Hiding behind lies/truths of "protecting their interests and security" from Muslim fanatics and terrorists bent on destroying our way of life, our children are sent to die. Fuck that shit! Fight your own damn wars for profit.


Not everyone is in poverty because they are lazy. However, there are many adults who work just to get by and live beneath what they could become or achieve. The attitude of just scraping by will be doing a disservice to themselves and society.


Do the

How can "we the people," who have created all the wealth, end up owning nothing? And how can a few "elite" families, who have created nothing, end up owning everything? A RESOURCE FOR THE AWAKENING HUMAN: DO THE "DRAGONS" REALLY OWN THE EARTH? PART 2 OF 2


Truth. No-one in government loves you or has any motivation to act in your best interests. That's what family, friends and community are for. The government can never substitute for them, and it's naive and dangerous to think that the government "cares".


We remember George Carlin as a brilliant comic, but really, he was a very wise perceptive prophet. Everything he said above is happening right now!!