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George Boole

George Boole’s 200th Birthday - gotta love them logic gates! Could sit watching this for ages, enjoying working out how it all works :)

documentary: The Genius of George Boole assembles academics and industry leaders from across the globe to explore the life and importance of one of the world's greatest mathematicians and unsung heroes. This film shines new light on the legacy of George Boole, now recognized as the forefather of the information age.


Who is George Boole and why is he important? Today's Google Doodle explained

George Boole

from BBC Mundo

El matemático que inventó hace más de 150 años la forma en que hoy busca Google

George Boole, matemático inglés Cada vez que haces una simple búsqueda en Google, o en cualquier otro buscador informático, entre los mecanismos de programación que hacen posible que encuentres lo que buscas hay unos principios de lógica que fueron concebidos hace más de 150 años.

from The Independent

Five things you didn’t know about George Boole

George Boole: Five things you didn’t know the man behind today's Google Doodle | Science | News | The Independent

George Boole Mathematician

The Genius of George Boole Amazon Instant Video ~ Jeremy Irons…

George Boole Publisher of "The Laws of Thought" and Founder of modern Computer Science


The Genius of George Boole - " George Boole, no Google, no Amazon, no Intel…that makes him pretty important"