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FOUNDATIONS IN MATH! Task Cards Geometry Geometric Terms Word Work Vocabulary

Task Cards that include 90 Geometric terms (vocabulary). Use these for a variety of purposes to reinforce key concepts with Geometry. Great for review and differentiation.This engaging activity for students will help review the following key vocabulary terms used in geometry.

Fantastic way of exploring symmetry with self portraits

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Let's Play Geometry Bingo

Students love this activity because they think it's a game, but it is really an effective tool for reviewing geometric terms, such as the different...

Wearable Architecture - 3D fashion construct with fine detail - structured hollow dress; architectural fashion design // Richard Sun

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Geometry Vocabulary Reference Pages - Intermediate Grades



WARNING: This post contains A LOT of graphics! My students get a kick out of adding new things to their math journals and they learn so mu...

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Rocks, Stones & Pebbles

Line stones and precious stones on the Finger Gym from Rachel (",)

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Geometric Sort Bundle: Surface Area/Volume, Radius/Diameter, Area/Circumference

Students are constantly confusing similar geometric terms. These activities put each geometric term in a real-world context. Students will read, ...

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23 Stunning Color Tips To Make Your Small Space Feel Much Bigger

Another way to stretch a narrow room, with less paint, is to break up the lines.


This project asks students to create a dictionary with 25 geometric terms and 5 geometric formulas from a completed Geometry unit (unit NOT included). Students define the terms/formulas, rephrase each in their own words, and give a visual example of each.