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Geometry Vocabulary Reference Pages - Intermediate Grades

This 3 page packet includes geometric terms for and shapes, Area, Perimeter, Volume and Rotational Symmetry. If your students are like m... Home School,Math,School,School Ideas,School stuff,Teaching Math,


The Circle | Free Poster on Circle Geometry from LittleStreams on - (4 pages) - This is a FREE poster on circles and their important geometric terms and features. It comes in US and UK versions and looks great on US Letter or larger.


Fun with Math Angles and Measures Common Core Inspired

90 #MathTaskCards with various geometry skills, including identifying examples of geometric terms, identifying the vertex of various angles, using a protractor to measure angles, classifying triangles by sides or angles, and identifying polygons, especially types of triangles and quadrilaterals. $


23 Stunning Color Tips To Make Your Small Space Feel Much Bigger

Another way to stretch a narrow room, with less paint, is to break up the lines.


24 More DIY Educational Activities for Kids

parts of a 3D shape foldable also #7 is good for ordering fractions and for timelines!


Geometric Sort Bundle: Surface Area/Volume, Radius/Diameter, Area/Circumference

Students are constantly confusing similar geometric terms. These activities put each geometric term in a real-world context. Students will read, ...