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Home Remedies for Geographic Tongue

geographic tongue home remedies

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How to Get Rid of Geographic Tongue

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Real condition. Don't look up images for this condition, I learned that the hard way. My flesh is still crawling, bleagh


Geographic tongue info | Did you know that geographic tongue could be caused by unknown food sensitivities? This is typically a sign of an inflamed gut. Doing an elimination diet may help alleviate the undesirable geographic tongue.

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Do you suffer from geographic tongue? 2% of people do

#health Geographic tongue: Mysterious condition makes your tongue look like a map - do you have it?

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Do YOU have ‘geographic tongue’?

In Eastern medicine the tongue was considered important to diagnose many different diseases as well as general well-being. RE:Do YOU have ‘geographic tongue’?

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Do YOU have ‘geographic tongue’?

Researchers in Israel claim that geographic tongue (GT) changes the tongue's upper layer of tissue, called the epithelium, which contains tastebuds


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