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I realized recently that I haven’t done a “uses for” post in a long time! I always love learning from others on different ways to use certain essential oils and essential oil blends. Since Amos was born, Gentle Baby has been an oil blend that we’ve been going through like CRAZY. I think I’ve gone through like two or three bottles since he was born! We use it for EVERYTHING. It’s so multipurpose! Like, when in doubt, I bust out Gentle Baby! Anyway, I thought it might be cool to share some of…


Young Living Gentle Baby essential oil blend

I wish I had this with Gabe. Get you some, ya'll!

Baby Bum Cream - Young Living Gentle Baby Essential Oil

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Baby shower gift a natural choice.

Gentle Baby Salve: Mix 2 Tablespoons of Organic Coconut Oil or Young Living V-6 Vegetable oil and add 2-4 drops of Lavender and Gentle Baby Essential Oil. Store in Glass jar and use when needed. For cradle cap, 30 minutes prior to baby’s bath time apply a generous amount on affected area and watch closely for no drippage into the eye area. Shampoo oil salve out of hair and use a soft bristled brush to clear away flakes. Repeat nightly as necessary.

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