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Gentle baby essential oil

I realized recently that I haven’t done a “uses for” post in a long time! I always love learning from others on different ways to use certain essential oils and essential oil blends. Since Amos was born, Gentle Baby has been an oil blend that we’ve been going through like CRAZY. I think I’ve gone through like two or three bottles since he was born! We use it for EVERYTHING. It’s so multipurpose! Like, when in doubt, I bust out Gentle Baby! Anyway, I thought it might be cool to share some of…

Gentle Baby is not just for Babies Check out how Anna Wong used it after other oils would not work. #rash #youngliving #gentlebaby


Child's cough Young Living RC, Eucalyptus, Gentle Baby


Baby Gas Pain Gone with Young Living Gentle Baby essential oil. Dilute with a carrier oil such as Young Living V-6 Vegetable oil or almond oil. Apply to the baby’s tummy after eating and continue to burp your baby while keeping his/her tummy warm. For more information please contact me at Order now:

Gentle Baby Essential Oil for Newborns

I do this for the girls ... Leaves their skin oily at first but it dries and they have the softest, wonderfully smelling skin minus the chemicals! I love Young Living Gentle Baby Essential Oil (worth the money - we use it daily & G even asked for it now) and Tropical Traditions Organic Expeller-Pressed Coconut oil (we buy it by the gallon and use it for SO many things)!!!: