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Genome Sequencing


Ancient boundaries are the strongest

GENETIC BOUNDARIES: 'A pioneering study into [Britain's] genetic heritage ... shows that up to 40 per cent of [British] DNA may be from Germanic ancestors, and not the Vikings, thanks to the Anglo-Saxon migrations in 450-600AD. The project, carried out by Oxford University, is particularly interesting because it would seem that this genetic make-up bears out those old traditions and clichés about how [people] relate to each other. So the age-old rivalries between Devon and Cornwall – take…


A System to Automatically Classify and Name Any Individual Genome-Sequenced Organism Independently of Current Biological Classification and Nomenclature

from BBC News

Oetzi the Iceman's nuclear genome gives new insights

The face of Oetzi the Iceman? The 5300-year old Copper Age European has now had his full genome sequenced, suggesting he had brown eyes, lactose intolerance and a tendency towards heart disease


There's new genome sequencing technology available for childhood cancer patients in Australia. #TechTuesday


Genome sequencing helps determine end of tuberculosis outbreak