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Generation Identitaire

Generation Identitaire - A Declaration of War From the Youth of France ...


Generation Identitaire -- Declaration of War [MIRROR]


FRANCE: 'Generation Identitaire,' young counterjihadist group, stages brilliant anti-mosque effort

FRANCE: GENERATION IDENTITAIRE’s young anti-Islam activists continue to demand closing of borders to illegal alien Muslim invaders…

FRANCE: The magnificent young anti-Islam patriots of ‘Generation Identitaire’ teach self-defense

LIVE: Far-right ‘Generation Identitaire’ to rally against immigration in...

Thus it Begins: Generation Identitaire

Generation Identitaire: French Youth’s Declare war on Multiculturalism & Islam Being Forced Down Their Throats!


Generation Identitaire Block Calais Bridges with Burning Tires to Stop Migrant Invasion

Generation Identitaire March the streets. Stop Muslim colonialism of Europe.