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On Oct. 24, 1975, 90% of Icelandic women went on strike, refusing to do any work at their homes or their jobs. It was the largest demonstration in the nation's history and shut down the entire country.

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The fate of a gender equality bill pending in Indonisia's parliament has run afoul of powerful Islanist groups

What You're Really Saying When You Support Gender Equality, But Not Feminism. The idea that feminism put women on a pedastool over men is just not true. People need to educate themselves on what feminism really is before judging it.

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It's even worse than this for women of colour - did you know that only 1% of actresses in Hollywood are Asian?

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Don’t Measure A Woman’s Worth By Her Clothes: A brilliant ad campaign created for Terre Des Femmes, a Swiss human rights organization focusing on gender equality and feminism, reminds us that the worth of a woman should never be measured by something like the neckline of her blouse or height of her heels.

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Why wear them? They were asking for it... exactly what is said about female rape victims but that never gets enough recognition

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