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How To Choose a Crystal

Crystal Healing Guide: How to Choose Crystals. Beginners Guide to Crystals #crystaltherapy #crystalhealing #crystalguide

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8 Crystals for Anxiety

Crystals for Anxiety: Use these calming crystals to calm your mind, stay centred and bring back your chill. Crystal healing tips, crystal guide, crystal blog #crystals

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Details about Easycrystals Crystal Healing Properties Chart Astrology Tumblestone Pictures

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How To Cleanse Crystals Safely

Crystal Guide: How to Cleanse Crystals Safely. Five methods that don't use water or salt! Click image to read the blog post. Crystal Tips and Crystal Healing Guide #crystalhealing #crystals

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Crystals to Increase Motivation + Goal Setting Guide

Crystal Meanings: Crystals for Motivation. Increase motivation plus goal setting guide. #crystalhealing

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October's Birthstone - Opal!

October's Birthstone - Opal!

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