40 Best Sherlock Quotes from 'The Final Problem' (4x03) - John Watson: Don't worry, there's a place for people like you, the desperate, the terrified. The ones with nowhere else to run. Mycroft Holmes: What place? John Watson: 221B Baker Street. See you in the morning. If there's a queue, join it. Mycroft Holmes: For God's sake, this is not one of your idiot cases!

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Starfleet Poster. It's always been an inside joke in our family to say we wish we were joining the Starfleet Academy.

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If you ever feel bad about yourself, remember that Arthur would be absolutely obsessed with you.

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Por el fin de semana, Yo paso tiempo con mi hermano a veces, William. Nosotros jugamos videojuegos en su Playstation o mi DS. Nos gusta jugar Lego Batman 3, Lego Dimensions, Minecraft, y Mortal Kombat X, a pesar de que yo no puedo ganó William.

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"Don't speak, you'll lower the IQ of the whole street!" -Sherlock | I got Lestrade! You?
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