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Geek Squad Hours

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A Google-a-Day Puzzle for Apr. 7


future gaming system. Does it come in 3D? Emperor Workstation A massive techno-womb designed to cradle you in ergonomic comfort, the Emperor workstation features three widescreen monitors: THX Dolby surround sound, air filtering, light therapy, a Web cam, battery back-up and many other things to help you fantasize about being a tyrannical army commander controlling a galaxy takeover.

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Forever and Ever 300mm Vinyl Wall Clock

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90s gaming legends - our Agents' picks

The games we remember from childhood hold a special place in our hearts. Being mostly 80s and 90s babies, our Agents spent many hours glued to their TV screens, before being prised away from their Mega Drives, N64s and PlayStations for dinner. We asked, what's your favourite 90s game and why?