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Anatomy of the Colon (large intestines). The color scheme helps to clarify the divisions of the large intestines.

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Upper & Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding Read:

Do Not Kill This Weed! It's One Of The Best Healing Herbs On The Planet (& It's Probably Growing Near You Right Now!)

How To Use Plantain For Healing Plantain is used to treat a variety of everyday problems, from mosquito bites and skin rashes to kidney problems and gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases. Let’s see how you can use this herb for healing. Burns – Apply a poultice immediately and apply a bandage with leaves. Follow it up with a plantain salve. Cuts and open sores – Stop bleeding from fresh… [read more]

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coffee ground emesis (vomit) = perforated peptic or duodenal CA Bloody diarrhea = ulcerative colitis Bright red blood = rectal fissures, hemorrhoids, colorectal CA Melena, black, tarry stool = large quantities of blood in stool, odor bc of blood, black bc digestive acids in bowel oxidize RBCs

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Dr. Berookim recommends Upper Endoscopy, If you are experiencing one or more from those symptoms; Trouble swallowing,Painful swallowing,Persistent heartburn,Chronic nausea,Vomiting, Abdominal pain Bloating Gastrointestinal bleeding.

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Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding Treatment in Children - A Difficult Challenge for the Doctor