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Overview Symptoms Treatment Causes Exercises Taping Interviews Stretching is an important part of treatment in particular stretching the calf muscles at the back of the lower leg. This will also help prevent the injury recurring once training begins again. In some cases strengt


Here's Everything You Need To Know To Actually Put On Muscle

There are a number of ways weight loss can benefit the health of your heart. First and probably foremost, it lowers your BMI (body mass index). You can calculate your BMI by taking your weight in pounds and dividing it by your height in inches squared....


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As an athlete (Yes! YOU are an athlete!) it is wise to know how your body works and what does what. And I totally get in to this stuff :)


Calf Raise - Strengthening Exercise

Follow these steps on how to safely perform the calf raise or gastrocnemius muscle strengthening exercise.

The Best Chest Exercises for Mass

A list of the best chest exercises for mass, including detailed instructions on how to perform each movement and helpful illustrations.


Effect of homeopathic preparations of Syzygium jambolanum and Cephalandra indica on gastrocnemius muscle of high fat and high fructose-induced type-2 diabetic rats - Homeopathy

Accessory lateral gastrocnemius muscle can be a cause of popliteal entrapment syndrome | Radiology Case contributed by Dr Paresh K Desai |