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Jen Fisher this just might be my desire for Sophia's 1st bday. A ladybug cake & a few cupcakes for the small ones :)

from Ensia

Can Insects Feed A Hungry Planet?

Around the world two billion people eat insects on a regular basis. The current hotbeds-or should we say, hot pots-of consumption include Latin America, central Africa and Southeast Asia. As we look for new ways to feed a burgeoning global population, will entomophagy spread to other corners of the globe?


Business proposal for getting entomophagy into the mainstream media! Ento, the art of eating insects Look at how efficient a resource they can be!

2 Excited to share our latest infographic on how #cricket #flour is full of healthy nutrition and great for the environment!

from The Atlantic

Infographic: Why Insects Are the Most Eco-Friendly Meat

insects as an alternative for the meats we eat ? as it is suggested maybe it is healthy, for the sake of our environment would you like to try?

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25 Best Markets in the World to Put On Your Bucket List

25 Best Markets in the World to Put on Your Bucket List. How many have you been to?

from An Insider's Spain Travel Blog & Spain Food Blog!

Seville Gastro Guide - Where to Eat in Seville

A guide to the best tapas in Seville-- these fried anchovies with a glass of sherry look amazing! More free Seville eating tips here: