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from Mail Online

Grub's up: Insects are packed with protein, calcium and minerals, but can you imagine ordering a mealworm burger?

1 Excited to share our latest infographic on how #cricket #flour is full of healthy nutrition and great for the environment!

from Ensia

Can Insects Feed A Hungry Planet?

Around the world two billion people eat insects on a regular basis. The current hotbeds-or should we say, hot pots-of consumption include Latin America, central Africa and Southeast Asia. As we look for new ways to feed a burgeoning global population, will entomophagy spread to other corners of the globe?


Business proposal for getting entomophagy into the mainstream media! Ento, the art of eating insects Look at how efficient a resource they can be!

from Cruise Hive

Passengers Became Sick With Gastro Bug On Star Princess During Hawaii Cruise

According to a Cruise Hive reader who got in touch with us, the Star Princess was hit by a Gastro bug on the 15-day cruise to Hawaii, U.S. from Vancouver, Canada.