Retro Clothes Rail Vintage Industrial Style with Gas Pipes Old Rustic Wood Wardrobe Fitted Shop Display

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I made this "industrial" gas pipe from components from Home Depot. It required a flange, 3 - 12" /1/2" pipes, 1 Cross (galvanized water pipe - needs to be painted), 3 reducer couplings (comes in pack of 4), 2 - 90 degree elbows, 1 - 1" threaded pipe, 3 pendant kits, 3 Stainless Steel Pendants. It's like playing with Tinker Toys. Take apart pendant lights. Remove mounting cover (keep set screw fitting to hold wire in place after running them thru stainless steel light cover, reducer…

Custom Vintage Industrial Scaffold Gas Pipe Industrial Desk / Shelving Unit | Business, Office & Industrial, Office Equipment & Supplies, Office Furniture | eBay!

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Just installed three rope walls with gas pipe mounts, great way to divide and define space!

This gas pipe firewood holder is a sleek storage solution. It's not only great for firewood, but can be customized to hold blankets, towels, or any number of things. It's also the perfect DIY gift for someone who likes industrial decor.

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PFCT-3475 CSST HOSE 3/4X75 by PRO-FLEX. Save 27 Off!. $177.76. Flexible 304 stainless steel with yellow polyethylene jacketing. All hoses clearly marked with gas pressure rating, EHD (Equivalent Hydraulic Diameter). Tested to the ANSI Standards for Fuel Gas Piping System using Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing"(CSST), ANSI LC-1a-2009, CSA 6.26a-2009, ANSI LC-1-2005 and CSA 6.26-2005.

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