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Gas Compressor

Our F-class gas turbines are the largest in the world. #power #efficiency


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14HP 30 Gallon Gas Compressor Cast Iron Series

Lube oil system skid of gas compressor and gas engine turbine at offshore oil and gas platform

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Forced induction is the process of delivering compressed air to the intake of an internal combustion engine. A forced induction engine uses a gas compressor to increase the pressure, temperature and density of the air. An engine without forced induction is considered a naturally aspirated engine.

The Tata AirPod is a city car running on compressed air (as well as a battery-powered electric motor). The ease of converting air into an energy source using simple compressors means charging stations can be placed anywhere, and they require no provisioning — no trucks delivering gas, ethanol, or hydrogen — and they produce no emissions, just discharge of the air. The AirPod can run 125mi (200k) at a top speed between 28 to 43mph (45 to 70kph).



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