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Gary Indiana Crime

Abandoned City methodist church Gary indiana 1 - 7 Abandoned wonders of Institutional Architecture


Obama Chooses Six Cities to Test Federal Police Scheme --The first six cities to be targeted as pilot sites will be Birmingham, Alabama; Fort Worth, Texas; Gary, Indiana; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Stockton, California. Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price described the program as “a tool to strengthen our partnership with the justice system.” However, other police departments are also in the cross hairs. According to the official announcement, an unspecified number of…


The Problem With Using Chicago to Make the Case Against Gun Control

The U.S. rate of gun homicides and other crimes fell after 1993, according to two studies released Tuesday. But a survey showed that only 12 percent of Americans said they felt gun homicides had fallen...

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Why isn't New Orleans Mother's Day parade shooting a 'national tragedy'?

Nueva Orleáns: 19 heridos por balacera en desfile del Día de la Madre.

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9 Photos of Abandoned Cities

SWI front hall. Entrance doors behind. Stairs on either side to balcony. Dining Hall to the right. Spiral stairs down to the close balconies.

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Indiana home where 'possessed' children were chanting torn down

Indiana home that was 'portal to hell' where 'possessed' children were 'chanting satanically' and visitors saw 'ugly, black monster' is torn down


Killer Turns Abandoned Home Into Haunted House, Uses Real Corpses As Props. There is a serial killer in Gary, Indiana that is finally off the streets


Last month, police in Gary, Indiana found a woman’s body in an abandoned building. When they apprehended her alleged killer, Darren Deon Vann, he confessed to murdering her and six other women and hiding their bodies amongst the some ...