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I've just twigged this is fun! Raven lays back and enjoys playing with his new toy

The bird can be clearly seen to be playing with the stick in the park in Schleswig, Germany

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The Raven in Mythology by Sam Fleming | Celtic Myth Podshow News raven in flight

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Garth Brooks goes 'Against Machine' in comeback album

Garth Brooks - I remember when he first got famous and you started dressing like him - your cowboy phase. You even resembled him.

Time of change: Remarkable black-and-white pictures from 1960s bring to life historical events and intimate moments from the civil rights era

This is an example of segregation in this era. The whites were seen much more superior than the blacks therefore jim crow created separate public spaces for the blacks and the whites.

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heart 6 to see past, present, and future simultaneously... and I am a genealogist...

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Be Your Happiest

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood (and the family dog)

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Nirvana Topped the Billboard 200 25 Years Ago, But Garth Brooks & MC Hammer Still Dominated the Charts

Garth Brooks Announces Massive Box Set Sold Exclusively at Target

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Film Noir is said to be a large influence in Cyberpunk. Film Noir features a crime-centered dramatic plot, as well as dark and shadowy lighting. The aesthetics of Film Noir closely resemble that of Cyberpunk, and it is easy to see how Cyberpunk is rooted in Film Noir. #IML295_week5

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The ongoing war against mediocrity

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