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True, this is someone's garden (oh, that it were mine!), but I'm still putting it in my 'nature' category. :) (Just found another pic of this that says it's a Moroccan garden.)

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We all love circle sin the garden! as discussed in the book, 'Heaven is a Garden - Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces'

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Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Create a soothing garden oasis that delights all the senses. This pond offers something for everyone: refreshing drinks; a seed buffet for birds; sweet nectar for bees and butterflies; and hiding places for fish, frogs, and other water-loving wildlife. Installing a pond is just the first step in a successful wildlife habitat recipe. Thoughtfully placed plantings -- including hardy and tropical water lilies, papyrus, dwarf papyrus, pennywort, cranberry taro, and arrowhead

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Ladder as means of adding layers of height- ANOTHER perfect idea for our back yard garden oasis that I would like to do this Summer...

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This lovely picture is from my garden book, French Sensations. Lovely place surrounded with roses.

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achillea and salvia at The Barbican, London - an urban garden oasis among brutalist architecture in the heart of Lndon

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Outdoor Living: bring the rainforest look to your back garden with tree ferns, fatsia and other shade-loving plants.

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