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The Five Exterior Renovations That Provide The Best Return On Investment

Knowing Which Items Will Bring In The Best #ROI Can Help You Make Sound Decisions. -RealtyTimes #HomeImprovement #HomeOwnerTips


A contemporary pink and off-white brick home with off-white garage door that includes four long panel windows across the top that bring in natural light. The blacktop paved driveway is a nice touch to the color scheme. Looking to replace your garage door? Click to see how much it will cost you.


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Wood garage doors are always a good choice. This three-car garage has wall sconces beside each of the multi-light windows. On average it costs homeowners $964 to install a garage door.


We do not see padded tile floors often in a remodeled garage but we see the appeal. The average price to install a new garage door is $964.


This is a 3 car garage with gorgeous wood garage doors. There are tiny windows along the tops of the doors. This home has a paved driveway and beautiful slate tile walkway. Click the image to see how much it costs to install a new wood garage door.


Carriage garage doors with the back of an actual carriage in front. Way to go all out. The average price to install a new garage door is $964.