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Gaping Hole To Custom Built In For Less Than $30.00

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Bottom of Gaping Gill, Yorkshire. Britain's highest unbroken waterfall plunges 328 ft into Gaping Gill, one of Britain's largest and most complex cave systems.


They're Multiplying: Second 'Black Hole' Is Found in Siberia

It appears that gaping hole discovered deep in Siberia isn't the only one: Locals have encountered a second crater, smaller but otherwise almost exactly like the first. Scientists have visited the original hole, and although they haven't offered a specific explanation they did say there was "nothing mysterious" about the phenomenon.


Gauge Size Chart and Gauge Size Conversions, good to know that the gaping hole in my ears is between 1/3" - 3/8" on any given day.....FML, don't do it kids....


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Before a monster is a monster, it is swollen with love, it presses sin flush against the wall, it pretends that it knows what to do with its hands. And then the love vanishes, it is plucked right out of their mouths, and the monster is desolate, and the monster is withering, and all that is left is sin and a gaping hole where the heart should be, overgrown and abandoned, stars spilling out. " — Emily Palermo, And Maybe I Haven’t Been Kissed in a Long Time


This scene had me sobbing, no matter how much she tries, she can never let him go because he has left a gaping hole in her life for eternity <3


Kendall Jenner positively struts into birthday lunch with her family

Nailed it! The leggy brunette was effortlessly chic in heavily distressed pale jeans wit gaping holes in the knees, tan suede cut-out stilettos and a white halterneck top that was cut low at the back, while she carried a white, grey and pale yellow designer handbag


Gaping Hole Hallowe’en Costume Might Be A Few Months Too Late But It’s Still A Clever Idea

Patch Drywall

Take care of the gaping hole in your wall with these quick steps.