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Futuristically Illuminated Undergarments

Futuristically Illuminated Undergarments - The Glow-in-the-Dark Corset will Light Up the Dance Floor (GALLERY)

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Chrome steampunk robot futuristic cosplay corset , sci fi costume, lady gaga corset , burning man, steampunk, futuristic clothing

Chrome steampunk robot futuristic cosplay corset sci fi by divamp *this is actually more of a "I'm a good girl but I still use some pretty dark mana sometimes" piece lol but I've got a few characters I've been toying with that it would be great for!!*

Introducing Divamp: Couture Costume Design

Introducing Divamp: Couture Costume Design | The Lingerie Addict: Lingerie for Who You Are

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Designer Winde Rienstra’s stunning Spring/Summer 2012 collection looks like architecture for the body, with bridge-like structure spanning shoulders, chests and hips. The collection explores the ambiguity between clothing and objects with wearable sculptures that transform the shape of the human body

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Disco Face of Burning Man – Photographie par Gleb Tarro, Barbara Murphy via Jac Langheim onto Costumes that Inspire Playa Couture & More

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Famous Fashion Designers Style and Design Approach

weird shoulder shapes? Simple Shapes Fashion Design & Costume Design by Alexandra Boerescu

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Like the two little boys? Would be so good with slo mo walks. Could get a cheap white coverall suit (like for painting) and spray silver? Then wellies and a helmet of some sort

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Image 40. This image is the first pin I found that inspired my costume idea. The green irredescance has an eretheral feel to it, and the metallic element picks up really well against the black background. I ended up sourcing a dress for my model that is the same shade of green, and used similar green shades in the colour palette for my makeup.

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Details about Silver Glitter Shiny Futuristic Astronaut Corset Costume Set

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