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Retro future, mid century style- Paul Alexander. Very cool - reminds me of a cross between the old Motorola ads and the works of Syd Mead

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Fernand Leger. Machanical Elements, 1924. Léger rejects illusion to focus on the Here, Léger rejects illusion to focus on the mechanics of representation, drawing attention to them with roughly blocked forms, exposed supports, unmodulated color straight from the tube applied in painterly patches, and highlights detached from any light source. Strident black and white or colored striations clash with one another across the works.

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Giacomo Balla - Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash (1912) | Albright Knox art Gallery (Buffalo) A lady is walking a dog; a widow and her pet. The lady has roughly 15 feet, variably solid and see-through. The dog has eight countable tails, while its legs are lost in flurry of blurry overlays. Four swinging leads go between them.

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