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The Single Girl's Prayer Challenge: 31 Days Of Praying For Your Future Husband

The Nosh Life - The Single Girl's Prayer Challenge: 31 Days of Praying For Your Future Husband


Dear future husband, I have waited a long time for you. I know it's only a matter of time til I will be in your heart and in your arms. You are the exact match of me but also have the pieces I lack. I love you with all of my being for I know that God has hand-crafted you just for me. While we are apart at this time, know that I am following God's path to you. Be strong and patient, my love. Have faith and allow God to lead you to me in His time. Never, never, never give up...


Trust God that if you are praying for your future spouse and nothing is happening it's not because God is ignoring you but because He wants you to wait for what is best for you. He is the creator of love itself and He is the best orchestrator of any relationship. Trust in Him that He can lead the right person to you in His own time and way.

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I was talking to my friend last week about how my future husband is going to have to deal with all of these things... He's a lucky man ;)